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Welcome to the family of MATCHi!

The idea behind MATCHi was born in 2012 when one of our founders, as a former player, realized how complicated is was to spontaneously book appointments, to find people to play with and easily compete with friends at exercise level. 

We at MATCHi believe that you, like us, want to able to be spontaneous and flexible in your every day life. With only you mobile phone on your pocket, you should be able to easliy find a free course at the right level regardless of which of the raquet sports you want to play; badminton, paddle, squash, tennis or table tennis.

Welcome to the family! 

We are MATCHi

Brave hearts
To be at the forefront, we must constantly be brave. We dare to take chances – to take on big initiatives or sharing crazy ideas – and we challenge ourselves to be better. We don’t stop for opportunities due to fear. We dare and support each other in getting out of our comfort zones. We take on challenging commitments and believe in ourselves and our team to achieve success. At the top it’s always windy and we need to have courage and belief to climb all the way up. We dare to make decisions and dare to trust each other.
Focused Minds
In order to be a leader we must constantly focus on the right things and in fulfilling our commitments in the best possible way. We direct our focus to the positive, not the negative; we know that obstacles are simply possibilities in disguise. And while we strive for greatness in everything we do, we also direct our focus to what is prioritized.
Attentive Teamwork
We want to have a great work atmosphere with plenty of room for personal growth. To achieve this we are attentive to each other’s feelings and to our team mates’ and company’s needs. We stay positive and solution oriented, and are considerate, helpful and polite to each other. We are MATCHi.

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Budapest, Hungary

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Oslo, Norway

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Stockholm, Sweden

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